Maine. We moved to Maine in 2015 after living in Italy and then in Australia. We live in Orono but whenever possible, we go to the coast for camping and hiking adventures. The coastline has a quiet charm and a ruggedness that I like very much.

Inspiration. I am ‘context dependent’ in what I make – I paint in order to have ‘a conversation’ about what is going on around me. I have moved home and country many times and painting is the grounding element in my life that connects me to a place, a culture and a community. I now live in Maine – my inspiration is very Maine based and I have spent a lot of time looking at historical photographs of both landscapes and people – these old black and white images provide a starting point for my work however I am not interested in reproducing the photographs.              

Medium. Oil, charcoal, ink, acrylic, wax, gouache….I like to challenge myself and the materials to see what can and cannot be done with each material so that I can find its boundaries and my own. I go in phases of using different mediums but often come back to oil paint which offers such variety of thick creamy textures and thin transparent washes. My interactive magnetic paintings combine various painting and also printing techniques.

Artist Hero. Contemporary artists I like include Roger Ballen, Marlene Dumas, Nancy Spero but I have so many heros!

Studio. I am lucky enough to have two studio spaces! I have my messy studio in the basement - this is where I throw paint around and get it all over the walls, the floor, in my hair…and sometimes on the canvas! I have another studio in the attic of my house – this is where paintings are laid out to dry and where I do my ‘clean’ work (cutting and stretching canvases, photographing, assembling of magnetic pieces etc).   

Where in Maine. We live in Orono, Maine. My husband is a wildlife ecologist at the University of Maine.

Unknown Fact.  I have a rodent species named after me (Margaretamys christinae) – my husband and I lived in a remote village in SE Sulawesi, Indonesia for some months - this resulted in my husband discovering a new rat which he romantically named after me!

Study. I have an MA in French Literature and History of Art from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Whilst living in Paris, I studied at the Ecole du Louvre and worked as a studio assistant to watercolorist Patrick Fouilhoux. After my academic studies I attended LaPortaBlu painting school in Rome (Italy) and worked with artist Alberto Parres.