William Crosby - Alaskan Work

Denali, 1995
60 x 102 in
DENALI 60” x 102” 1996 William M. Crosby Denali is a most majestic mountain and the mountain and the Denali National Park are destinations. On my first of three trips to Alaska in 1988, I made plans for a small plane flight over and around Denali. Heavy cloud cover postponed the flight for a few days. Finally, even then, with partial cloud cover, which is normal, I only managed to see and photograph parts and sections of peaks and glaciers. I had no good idea, either then or now, as to just what I was photographing. On my second trip to Alaska, in 1994, my wife Pat and I embarked on a Denali camping trip. We took the Alaska Railroad from Anchorage. Indeed it was one of the few rare top ten days of blue sky and clarity of the entire Denali range. The railroad slows down and even stops briefly for outstanding views. This painting of Denali was inspired by photographs that I took using a 35mm camera and color transparency film. The sharpness and realism of the mountain is played, in the painting, against the freer more abstracted middle and foreground which is typical of many of my paintings. As a further note, our camping trip with National Park bus excursions proved only partial or limited views because of various cloud cover. Our return train trip to Anchorage was surprisingly another top ten day. William "Bill" M. Crosby