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Emma Wilson,

Gallery Director

Emma has been the Director of the Portland Art Gallery since 2015. She is typically at the gallery Monday through Friday but is available seven days a week. Emma is responsible for curating our artist roster, and works directly with clients to find the perfect pieces for collectors. Before joining the gallery, Emma worked as the Development Director for the Wayfinder schools. Before that, she spent three years as a Tour Coordinator at the Portland Museum of Art. Emma has a BA in Sociology from Alfred University and a Master's in Social Work from Boston University. She lives in Portland, Maine, and is actively involved with several non-profits and her three children.

To contact Emma Wilson directly, call (207) 956 - 7105 or email 

Sean Thomas,

Gallery Manager

Sean joined the Portland Art Gallery staff in January of 2024 but has been contributing freelance photography and videography work since 2011. A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Photography, Sean has been immersed in the medium his entire life. Sean can be found at the gallery Sunday through Thursday. Through his many years of artist portrait work, video interviews, and gallery interactions, he has acquired a strong knowledge of the art community in Maine. Sean lives full time in South Portland and is actively pursuing creative projects through digital and film photography. 

To contact Sean Thomas directly, call 207-956-7105 or email

Jess Brayboy

Gallery Associate

Jess hails from Nashville, Tennessee and brings a dynamic blend of skills and passions to the gallery. With a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations from Lee University, coupled with a minor in Art History, she offers a blended background in both communication and art. As an artist herself, specializing in collage art, her creative vision adds a unique dimension to her role. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Jess is an avid reader and film enthusiast, finding inspiration in various forms of creative expression. We're excited to have Jess onboard and look forward to the fresh perspectives she brings to our team. 

To contact Jess directly, call 207-956-7105 or email


Missy Dunaway



Missy has been with Portland Art Gallery since 2018 as a staff member and a represented artist. This duality in perspective and her multitude of accomplishments provide her with an in-depth understanding of the visual and academic language that our artists present. Her enthusiasm for the arts and close attention to detail, exemplified by her current studies at the Academy of Realism in Boston, enrich each patron’s experience.

To contact Missy directly, call 207-956-7105 or email


"The Maine Women’s Project is a special initiative that I decided to launch at the beginning of this year. It’s my way to celebrate some of the amazing women leading our community and to bring attention to their inspiring work. This month, I’m honored to focus on Emma Wilson and encourage you (in her honor!) to explore the Portland Art Gallery, Portland Museum of Art, and more of our incredible local arts." - Heather Shields

Emma Wilson is a tireless advocate for the power of the arts to transform lives and uplift our community. I'm constantly inspired by her mission to elevate artists and deepen the impact of creative enterprise. As the Director of the Portland Art Gallery, she knows how the arts can connect us in unexpected ways. I’m honored to feature Emma in the Maine Women's Project. Click here to learn more about Emma Wilson.