Emma Wilson, Gallery Director

Emma has been the Director at the Portland Art Gallery since 2015. She's typically at the Gallery Monday through Friday but available to staff seven days a week. Emma is responsible for curating our artist roster and art inventory as well as working directly with clients or assisting staff as they work to find the perfect piece for our art collectors.  Prior to joining the Gallery, Emma worked as the Development Director for the Wayfinder schools.  Before that she spent three years as a Tour Coordinator at the Portland Museum of Art. Emma has a BA in Sociology from Alfred University and a Masters in Social Work from Boston University.  She lives in Portland, Maine, and is actively involved with several non-profits and her three children.

To contact Emma directly, call 207-956-7105 or email

 “The gallery is a beautiful space to showcase my art. It has a feeling of a New York City Gallery.” Artist, Gary Akers

“The staff of Portland Art Gallery make a concerted effort to know their artists and understand the inspiration and meaning of each special work of art, which creates a much more meaningful experience for the art buyer.” Artist, Dick Alden

“Portland Art Gallery supports a vital and varied range of Maine artists, carefully curating their work for both the familiar and the challenging. Even through challenges, they've maintained their high standards and loyalty to their artists. As an artist, I'm confident in their ability to enable me to continue working my vision and support their cohort of artists.” Artist, MJ Benson

“The gallery is by far the most beautiful space in downtown Portland. Ever evolving shows and impressive energy by the staff keep the walls moving and fresh. They know their artists which helps them match the right work to the right buyer.” Artist, Kim Case

“Portland Art Gallery is a unique, fresh, open space whose staff is open to new ideas, supportive, and very approachable. The team is very cohesive and I would be comfortable having any one of them show and represent my work.” Artist, Julie Cyr

“The Portland Art Gallery is full of good energy which is why I show my work there. The support and enthusiasm of a gallery has a positive effect on a painter; it is important to have people who believe in you and who do not try to influence what you paint. The staff at the Portland At Gallery value our work and are as excited as we are when they find the right owner for our paintings.” Artist, Jane Dahmen

“The Portland Art Gallery provides a beautiful light-filled exhibition space that let’s an art piece breathe. When working in my small studio it can be difficult to imagine my work on a large wall in a well-lit gallery. Portland Art Gallery enhances my work and makes it easier for a collector to imagine how it would look in their home or business.” Artist, Ann Trainor Domingue

“Portland Art Gallery is so much more than just a gallery, and I feel so fortunate to be a part of it. It's one of those places that make the city of Portland so great. The gallery is the physical representation of a community of artists and people with a love for Maine. Many of my painting heroes and peers show their work with the gallery, and I feel lucky to call them my friends.” Artist, Cooper Dragonette