Emma Wilson,

Gallery Director

Emma has been the Director at the Portland Art Gallery since 2015. She's typically at the Gallery Monday through Friday but available to staff seven days a week. Emma is responsible for curating our artist roster and art inventory as well as working directly with clients or assisting staff as they work to find the perfect piece for our art collectors.  Prior to joining the Gallery, Emma worked as the Development Director for the Wayfinder schools.  Before that she spent three years as a Tour Coordinator at the Portland Museum of Art. Emma has a BA in Sociology from Alfred University and a Masters in Social Work from Boston University.  She lives in Portland, Maine, and is actively involved with several non-profits and her three children.


To contact Emma Wilson directly, call 207-956-7105 or email

Emma McHold Burke,

Gallery Manager

Emma Mc. joined Portland Art Gallery in April of 2020 after graduating from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia with a BFA in Painting.  Emma quickly became a full time staff member and can be found at the gallery Wednesday through Sunday. Emma Mc.’s strong knowledge of art history coupled with the connection she has cultivated to our artists, provides her with the ability to share unique insight regarding the work to our patrons and clients. Additionally, she is responsible for overseeing and contributing to our marketing efforts. Emma now lives full time in East Bayside and is an active member of the arts community in Portland, Maine.


To contact Emma McHold Burke directly, call 207-956-7105 or email

Lucy Denton

Lucy is a Portland native that has returned to Maine after completing her studies at Hobart and William Smith College in Upstate New York. Lucy brings with her an innate ability to greet and assist our clients with warmth and professionalism. She is full time at Portland Art Gallery and staffs Wednesday through Sunday. Her background in classical dance provides her with a unique perspective that she applies to her position in the arts. Lucy’s deep connections to the Portland area fuel her enthusiasm for our community.



To contact Lucy directly, call 207-956-7105 or email


Missy Dunaway

Missy has been with Portland Art Gallery since 2018 both as a staff member as well as a represented artist. This duality in perspective as well as her multitude of accomplishments, which granted Missy the opportunity to travel the world, provides her with an in-depth understanding of both the visual and academic language that is presented by our artists. Her enthusiasm for the arts and close attention to detail, exemplified by her current studies at the Academy of Realism in Boston, enrich each patron’s experience.




To contact Missy directly, call 207-956-7105 or email

Nikki Fontaine

Nikki moved to Maine after an accomplished career in New York in the make-up and special effects industry. Originally from Massachusetts, Nikki has returned to New England full time. Her previous experience in client relationships has been a wonderful addition to Portland Art Gallery’s part-time team. Nikki greets visitors with passion and a talent for learning more about our clients in order to cater to their individual needs. Nikki now lives in the East End where she engages in her own art practice as well.


To contact Nikki directly, call 207-956-7105 or email

Mairen O’Neill

Mairen, a current Junior at Wheaton College, joined Portland Art Gallery to assist in our online efforts. As an artist herself and a Yarmouth native, Mairen exudes enthusiasm about learning more about our artists. Her semester abroad in Italy and current summer in Ireland have provided her with a rich sensitivity to the importance of the fine arts. Mairen specializes in extreme attention to detail that is crucial to the functionality of our user experience on our website. 






To contact Mairen directly, call 207-956-7105 or email