Dietlind Vander Schaaf

Seerose, 2022
Encaustic, Oil, Metallic Foil, and 23 Karat Gold Leaf on Panel
30 x 30 in
Seerose is the German word for "water lily." Water lilies (sometimes confused with lotus flowers) live as rhizomatous aquatic herbs in climates throughout the world. There are about 70 species of these flowering plants, which grow in two to five feet of water. Many years ago when I was working for the Appalachian Mountain Club and living in New Hampshire, I'd pass a pond filled with water lilies on my drive back from visiting family in Maine. Often the light would be low - either because it was early morning or late in the afternoon on a spring or summer day. I found the combination of the light on the water's surface and the showy, fragrant flowers so beautiful; it filled me with a particular kind of happiness. I tried to capture a bit of that here - the layers of water and the golden light and a big extravagant flower