Anne Heywood

Six O'Clock III: Feet, 2022
Pastel on Paper, Framed
22 x 32 in
Framed Dimension, 29 x 38 in
Lake sunsets and a three-tree island distinguish Anne Heywood’s new Six o’Clock series, inspired by "scheduled sunset meet-ups" shared with her husband. "My husband and I had many projects that kept us busy when at our summer home on the Damariscotta Lake. It got to the point where we weren't relaxing, so we made an agreement to meet at 6 o'clock on our wharf every evening we were there. Drinks and cameras at the ready, we shared many sunsets over the years, making lasting memories." See last slide for the preliminary sketches for the piece: I draw these simple black and white preliminary sketches prior to starting each painting. I call them my “thinking on paper” sketches. As such they are the most creative part of the painting process for me. Since my work is realistic, sketching takes me away from the literal and lets me explore the subject and different, more personal, compositions. They allow me to see what any changes I make would look like before starting the actual painting. Some of these preliminary sketches become paintings, others do not. I usually do 2 or 3 sketches for each piece, but sometimes more. I find sketching relaxing. While I’m painting the piece, I also find that these sketches calm me and help me focus on what mood or feeling I am striving to create.