Ann Trainor Domingue

Ann Trainor Domingue

Ann’s background in graphic design is the foundation of her work. She renders strong compositions, drawing on-site sketches as well as taking original photos. These are further developed in sketchbooks of preliminary drawings. Final artworks are rich in imagery, color, surface variety, while interwoven with a hopeful spirit, and imbued with a sense of joy.

Ann is a graduate of Rhode Island College with a BA Studio degree in Painting and has pursued a long creative career in graphic design, illustration, teaching, and painting. Ann is a Copley Fellow and awarded a fellowship at the historic Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown through the Copley Society of Art Boston. She is a signature member of the New England Watercolor Society and has been selected to Currier/NHAA Biennials. Her award-winning boldly-designed paintings are in many private and commercial collections across the country. Ann taught at the Currier Museum Art Center for many years. She resides with her husband Michael in the village of Goffstown, New Hampshire surrounded by all things New England.

“I love the same things you do about New England. I just reflect on them in a different light.”  --Ann Trainor Domingue


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