Yes, this is SO exciting.  I will buy from you again because of your customer service.   I have no plans to leave town so I’m here to receive delivery! H.W, Mississippi

I got both of the wonderfully packed Sheep Jones works that I bought over the weekend. They are spectacular. I am still picking my jaw up off the floor as they are even more beautiful in person. Thanks very much for making the transaction seamless. All the best, TS, Maryland

Thank you. Your kind response did make a difference in my thinking. Now, for the background story. My husband died unexpectedly right before Christmas.  It was a shock and heartbreak.  We had been together for 54 years.  One of the things we loved to do was watch the huge, full moon out here on the prairie.  They were special moments.  That is why the painting was especially meaningful.  Thank you for making it possible for me to buy it. GW, Oklahoma

Thank you for these emails. I have been enjoying perusing the art. It is a rare thing for me to be grateful for being added to an email list. Even rarer for me to click to open these.So as I was this morning enjoying the art, and realizing my gratitude, I had to write and let you know. I am missing my museums terribly, and when things re-open, visiting will be first on my list of things to do.I also wanted to let you know another interesting thing or two I've learned from your emails. Seeing a photo of a piece is not in any way, shape or form, the same as seeing the real thing, or experiencing the art in a gallery or space. So at first, I was a bit dismissive of these ( nice idea, I get that you're trying) and I scrolled quite quickly through the email. And then slowly, a change happened ( good for you, for your persistence). Maybe it was because I realized, "well, this is all I'm going to get for awhile, better than nothing", but  I started  to see a value. Firstly, a dose of beauty, and creativity. But secondly, a chance to really study a piece. Take my time with it. Zoom in. There's more ! Your emails focusing on an artist, really got me to know the artist's style. So when today's email arrived, with the theme of home, and multiple artists' work featured, I found myself happily saying, " oh, I know who did this piece!" Or " I recognize this style!" And best of all, an artist you had featured previously, whose work I did not warm up to, struck me today. Her piece featured was so happy and whimsical, it made me smile. And then I had to laugh at myself...oh, this is  the artist you thought you didn't care for. Ha, ha, ha! Lesson learned there. Her piece is my favorite of all that are showcased today. I love it!So I'm finding that your emails are in fact, not only a delight for their beauty, but valuable to me as an art experience, and learning about myself and how I connect with the art.I'm not a fan of digital life. But your emails have taught me something, and I am appreciating them, very much actually. I wanted you to know your efforts are making a difference.Gratefully, Barbara, Goffstown

We received it just now and OMG IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!  It is perfect in our space too. It’s even better in person than online. Please send our BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Sheep Jones for us.  Her painting cheers up the space and is perfect in all ways. S.K., Maryland

Thank you. I've been looking for the right Barter to own for a while and I am very excited. But it was a hard decision. I think this is one of the best selections I've seen. Good luck with the show and getting through this wacky time where in. I know places like art galleries are really struggling. G.F., Phippsburg, Maine

What a lovely coincidence to meet you on the steps of the gallery this morning! We love the pieces we bought, they have found a loving home and are in good company, surrounded by prints and watercolors and oil paintings, mostly Japanese old and new, but also American and Swiss. When we all have a break from Covid the Dragon, please come and visit and see where we hung them, Fairfax is stupendous on an eggplant color Japanese grass cloth in my office ( where one baby crib is too), Summer is in my bedroom and the light blue one (sorry didn’t check name) is in the kitchen. à day of good light, I’ll send you pictures. I also love how they smell..Stay safe, be well, gratefully, C.F. Cumberland Foreside, Maine

Thank you!   We are very excited to have these Philip Barter's in our home and we appreciate your great work.  Kind Regards, J.P., Freeport, Maine

Wonderful show (May Opening).  I loved the walk thru of the artists' paintings in the gallery after they talked. And, the final walk thru of the whole gallery was wonderful.  It does a great job of keeping one in touch with it.  I’m very glad that you are still setting the gallery up monthly and doing these shows even though we can’t physically visit.  Having been there so many times, the video does a good job of bringing me back to it physically. The video this time with the walk thru did a really good job of making me feel like I’m actually there. Again, thanks for putting the effort in to do all this, it is greatly appreciated by me, and I’m sure many other of your gallery’s fans.  Take care, A.O., Portland, Maine

Long before COVID-19 breezed into town, I wrote to say how much I have enjoyed your emails depicting the wonderful art you represent and show. Now, though, the works you share are absolute balm to my beleaguered psyche. I'm sure this is true for many others.  While I suspect it may at times seem like isolating and thankless work for you, my hope for you is that lots of art will speak to people who will want to own it.  And it will sell.  I can't imagine how difficult these times must be for you, but I do thank you for the light you bring to my life.Sincerely, J.H., Maine