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Maine: Maine’s lifestyle provides for an environment of calm; this untainted state nurtures an atmosphere of expression and creative freedom. Maine as a subject does not directly influence my work, but Maine as a place does.

Inspiration: Almost all of what I create focuses on, or is in service to, the enduring power of the human form and its relation to the world. The human body is the primary instrument through which all our perceptions of the world come, and is a highly effective mechanism for expressing our thoughts and feelings back to the world. My figurative sculpture is a narrative, reflecting feelings hidden within me. My designs accommodate the human experience and inform the built environment.

Medium: My pursuits as a builder, designer, and sculptor cause my materials to vary extensively, all the while providing an outward expression of who I am.

Artist Hero: I spent my youth as an apprentice in a rural woodworking shop guided by the creative spirit of my parents, Tom and Mary Moser. Their sense of aesthetics informed how I approach my work, first as a furniture designer then as an artist.

Quote: “Every now and then a man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.”  —Oliver Wendell Holmes

Studio: The barn on our Dingley Island property is a shared studio space with my dad. It’s large and filled with the tools of our trade, as well as many books and whatever work is currently in progress.

Where in Maine: I live with my wife, Pam, and our daughter on Dingley Island in Harpswell, in an old fisherman’s cottage that we’ve been renovating for years. We’ve shared this 14-acre property with my parents since 1998.





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