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Maine: Coastal New England has been a huge inspiration throughout all of my years painting. Although traveling also has a huge effect on my work, Maine has remained my home base and that definitely shows in my work. The light, colors and textures of Maine don't compare to anywhere else.

Inspiration: My work is inspired by the landscape and everyday life. I have stacks of sketchbooks and notebooks filled with thoughts, drawings, color studies, lists, ideas, etc. Nature is so dense with possibility, so when I paint the landscape it's a very emotional experience for me. When I am out surfing in the ocean or hiking on a mountain, I feel so small. It's very freeing to feel like the world is bigger than you. Painting helps me process the world around me, I'll always be exploring those experiences within my practice.

Medium: Water-based paints, pastels, charcoals, collage. I love to work with mediums that can be diluted, washed away, and layered. I love texture, transparency, imperfect lines, smudges, etc. 

Artist Hero: Helen Frankenthaler, Mark Rothko, Thomas Campbell, Margaret Kilgallen, Joan Mitchell, Amy Sillman

Studio: Nowadays my studio is either in a Ford-Transit camper van, a plein-air easel, or any open floor in my house.

Where in Maine: Portland is home-base but you'll often find me Downeast, Higgins Beach, Damariscotta, Popham Beach, and various other coastal spots.

Interesting Fact: I am a mom to a little boy named Che. Being a mom has completely changed my life for the better- life feels less serious, messier, more exciting, funnier. It feels like I've won the lottery.

Education: I studied art at New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, NH, Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA and Maine College of Art in Portland, ME. Being in art school was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I love being around other artists. It was especially cool to study art right on the coast of Boston. I have the best memories of working all day in the studio and spending evenings on the beach.





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