Off The Wall Magazine Q&A with Andreas von Huene



Maine.   When my grandmother was three, her mother took her by boat for a vacation in Castine. The seagulls wheeling overhead lifted her- her whole life long. She later returned to raise her family in Brunswick, as Bowdoin College was welcoming, and turned each successive home into a paradise. I was born in Bath, City of Ships, and grew up in the Boston area spending many childhood evenings in the Museum of Fine Arts. Summers in Maine fixed my dream to return so now I live across the Kennebec on the Sasanoa!


Inspiration.  It takes but the lightest brush with an idea to start a sculpture. A person’s pose, the light in a space, a musical phrase, an animal’s turn, a form in a quarry, a stunning material- each can release a flood of accompanying elements that synthesize into a new artwork. The very best time is reserved for dreaming of what might be. As a friend rejoiced: “So much stone, so little time”! 


Medium.  I enjoy a range of mediums that expands as new projects demand.  I am facile with granite, water, bronze, wood, stainless steel, aluminum, landscape, sound, light and more. The tools and techniques I use to work these feel also as if they are mediums. Granite is one of my favorites as it lets me move quickly from concept to form. I feel fortunate to be in a region that breathes creativity amidst a stunning natural environment.  


Artist Hero.  My contemporary colleagues are my heroes and those that came before form my pantheon: Among them: Jean Pierre Houdon, Bernhard Heiliger, Ernst Barlach, Alexander Calder, George Kennethson, Beverly Pepper. The ancients are at yet another level sending down amazing challenges. Growing up in my father’s musical instrument shop involved visits to other makers. My mother is a research librarian. People in other disciplines also bring courage to my efforts.


Studio. My studio is a happy extension of my drive to create and is allowed to evolve with each new project. It supports my work in many mediums and extends to outdoor workspaces. Tools for working metal, stone and wood are often cross-purposed. You can imagine some of the equipment on hand for moving large blocks of granite or sheets of aluminum, and then imbuing them with exquisite details. My favorite space in which to work is outdoors- under the heavenly skies of Maine. 


Where in Maine. Living and working in Arrowsic, near Bath, I am surrounded by an astounding and thriving natural world. The human worlds of museums, shipyards, quarries, and industry are rich and accessible too. My family is here. The grand family of Maine sculptors ties me to additional districts and influences. 


Fun Fact.  I love to sing!


Education.  I grew up in my father’s historical musical instrument shop. My parents’ musical life meant I spent many evenings touring the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Worcester Polytechnic Institute instilled the power of discipline across diverse fields of study. Stanford University’s Product Design Program broke down barriers to scale and purpose. The collegial family of Maine sculptors shares insights, ideas, and knowledge. 




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