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Maine.   Everyone says I went the wrong way, but I moved from Florida to Maine in 2018 and my art has soared ever since. I was raised on a cattle and forestry conservation ranch in Citra, Florida where I learned the art of hard work, craftsmanship, and being outdoors. From a very young age, I would pick up scraps of wood from our shed or the woods to create with. After moving to Maine, I was taken back by the vibrant art culture, innovation, and inspiration everywhere. I feel very at home in the art world here.


Inspiration.  Upon settling down in Freeport in 2019, I began to explore my neighborhood and town, drawing inspiration from Maine’s intimate connection to the environment and the special history of the state. I found, and continue to find, the fishing, lobstering, and marine industry here exceptionally unique. The virtues and traits that go hand-in-hand with these industries–courage, perseverance, strength–are ones that I try to integrate into my work. I am also very in touch with current events and politics, drawing themes from the news or events taking place both domestic and abroad. I believe that my being able to express my view or advocacy for a subject through my art is not only valuable but necessary.


Medium. I work with wood and metal to create hybrid sculptures. All of my work is welded and hand carved using materials that I find within my garage or that I gathered from the local recycling centers. Much of the wood that I use is from scrap projects around the house, for example, excess fence posts or overflow wall paneling. The metal either comes from garage sales, dumps, or my box of hardware. I believe that adding the challenge of not purchasing all of my materials from stores or websites and instead sourcing them from my surroundings not only creates more intimate and personal artwork, but it also allows me to be more eco-sustainable and resourceful.


Artist Hero.  Within my first year living in Maine, I visited the Barter Art House in Brunswick, where my family first met Matt Barter. Almost instantly, Matt became the first friend that we had in Maine. I became very familiar with Matt’s work in painting and sculpture and his creative artistic style. Matt Barter was a very large motivator for me to begin my artistic journey, leading me to develop my own art, skills, and style. I also grew up watching Tim Burton films and grew very fond of his approach to depicting his characters in often abstract or obscure proportions or postures. Another huge inspiration for me is Banksy. Through Banksy’s gorilla-style and political approach to art, I have been inspired to create sculptures that deal with serious and pressing social and political issues, and that also capture a depth of human emotion.


Studio. I create and fabricate solely out of my house garage. I have a workbench located in the corner where I not only weld but cut my wood, stain my final pieces, and sand my projects. I also have multiple machines to assist me in cutting, sanding, and burning parts for my sculptures. The majority of the machines that I use, band saw, scroll saw, MIG welder, table saw, etc., are exceptionally hazardous if not operated correctly. I have lost count of the number of times, and effectively stopped counting, I have removed my welding helmet to find that the welding heat has caught me on fire. I believe that the added risk and danger associated with utilizing these tools and machinery adds to my enjoyment in the creation process, further immersing me into a serious, present, and focused mental state. 


Where in Maine. I currently live in Freeport, Maine.


Fun Fact.  For the past 3 years I have been working towards earning my Private Pilot License. I often fly out of Sugarloaf or Brunswick Airport, touch and go at Augusta–great way to see Maine! I have played the piano almost every day for the last 11 years. Don’t run away, but I also play the accordion.


Education.  I attend the Waynflete School, Airlink Flight School, and the Midcoast School of Music for piano. 




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