Off The Wall Magazine Q&A with Chris Ryan Ross



Maine.  I was born and raised in Kennebunkport. I came back in 2014, settling in Portland to raise my family here. 


Inspiration.  Right now, I am inspired by bodies of water and bodies of humans. I’ve been trying to focus on things that bring me happiness and aren’t heavy. Repetition resonates with me and often appears in my work. Sometimes a series is the only way I can truly get an idea to materialize, and ultimately out of my system.


Medium. I work in oil.


Artist Hero.  There are so many. For me, subject matter is second to process. I am equally drawn to works with physicality as I am to paintings where the artist’s hand has been removed completely. I spend a lot of time rethinking color and mark, often wiping away days of work. I feel a connection with those that do or did the same. Some of my favorite paintings out there are the unfinished ones. 


Studio. I currently have a studio in the State Theater.


Where in Maine. Although I don’t depict them in my work (yet), Portland, Georgetown, Deer Isle are imprinted on me. 


Fun Fact.  I was a Director of Photography in the entertainment industry for 13 years. I lived in NYC for 11 years. 


Education.  I attended Rhode Island School of Design and received a BFA in Painting in 2001.




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